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What is a surge?

A power surge, defined as a Transient Voltage Surge, is a very short duration (50 milliseconds) voltage spike of up to 6,000 volts above normal voltage levels. Transient voltage surges can enter your home through the electrical power feed and can also enter via telephone or cable lines.

Transient voltage surges can also occur inside the home by switching motor driven appliances, refrigerators, and AC compressors off and on. Microwave ovens and vacuum cleaners can generate small transient voltage surges through their operation. Transient voltage surges created inside the home tend to be significantly smaller than storm-related surges, but over time, they can wear away at sensitive electronic circuits and can cause early failure.

In Southwest Florida, summer thunderstorms can create increased risk for larger transient voltage surges to attempt entry into a home.

The Need for Dual-Stage Protection

LCEC’s surgeSENSE surge-protection program is designed to help protect your major appliances from harmful transient voltage surges attempting entry into your home. The program recommends two stages of protection.

Stage 1:
A special meter-base transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) is installed directly behind the electric meter and serves as the first line of defense against surges attempting entry into a home. (For 400amp single-phase services, a hard-wired TVSS device is used). This TVSS captures the large transient surge and redirects approximately 85% of its intensity to ground (earth) before it can enter your home. Protects your major appliances such as air conditioners, washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, and garbage disposals.

Stage 2:
LCEC highly recommends a two-stage approach to protecting your home. For Stage 2, select a Point-of-Use (POU) plug-in protection; to help protect your sensitive electronics within the home, such as computers, televisions, game systems, digital cable devices, DVD systems, microwaves, and garage door openers.


Equipment $5.95/month* ** $188.50 **
Set-Up Fee $45.00 ** None
Relocation Fee (Only in LCEC Territory) None $119.95 **
Contract Required Yes N/A
Minimum Term 24 months N/A
*At the end of the minimum 24-month lease contract, the meter-based arrester is returned to LCEC if the customer chooses not to continue leasing on a month-to-month basis.
**plus applicable taxes
Payment is required within 15 days after installation.
A Remote Access Charge of $100

Your electric service will be interrupted for 5-10 minutes at the time of installation.

How do I order my surgeSense?

Call LCEC 239-656-2300 and choose Option 7, then Option 2, then Option 3 for surgeSENSE. Or you may contact us through the Contact Customer Care email to have a Customer Care Professional contact you.

  • surgeSENSE can only be purchased through LCEC and installed by an LCEC technician.
  • After your product service order is created, LCEC’s Energy Services team will contact you within 5 business days to schedule the installation.

LCEC highly recommends a two-stage approach to protect your home. Utility-grade point-of-use products can be purchased through SPIKESTOP.COM.

Customer Discount: On select “point-of-use products” to receive the 15% discount enter “coop.

  • This discount does not apply to stage 1 surgeSense.

surgeSENSE T&Cs / Warranty

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