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Builder Info and Forms

Builder Info and Forms

Customers are encouraged to use our online forms to obtain essential information and submit applications for new construction. Forms are available in PDF or Word format. Please click here if you need to download Adobe Reader.

Pre-Service Connection Checklist

Avoid delays! Use the Pre-Service Connection Checklist to ensure your construction site is ready for LCEC to proceed with installation of electric service.

Fees and Charges

Learn about fees and charges associated with new service installations by clicking here.

Contribution in Aid of Construction

For basic information and frequently asked questions about extensions or
upgrades of LCEC electrical facilities, click here.

Request for Service

Please complete the online Request for Service application for any of the below services:

  • New Construction (Residential of Commercial)
  • Temporary to Permanent Swingover
  • T-Pole requests

You can also print the application and email to or fax to 239-995-4287.



LCEC Service Standards

LCEC strives to meet established Service Standards for the most commonly requested services.

Meter Location Request

To request a meter location, please complete and fax the Meter Location Request to the LCEC Engineering Department at 239-656-2239.

Electric Inspections

A county-approved electrical inspection must be completed and LCEC must be notified before electric service can be turned on for:

  • A newly constructed home or business
  • A newly wired home or business
  • A home or business that has been vacant for a period of time

The electrician or builder is responsible for arranging for the electrical inspection and verifying that LCEC has been notified when it is complete.

Electric Service and Meter Requirements Handbook

Read the full Electric Service and Meter Requirements Handbook.

Builder Safety

Rules for electrical safety when in close proximity to power lines:

Maintaining a safe distance from power lines is everyone’s responsibility. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations require that you maintain at least 10 feet from any power lines energized at 50,000 volts and below. Additional clearance is required for any power lines that are over 50,000 volts. OSHA also requires that all electrical lines be considered energized unless otherwise proven by the owner or electrical company.

Planning ahead is the key to a safe work environment. Prior to starting a job, determine if you will be within the 10-foot safety area. If you will be working in close proximity to our electrical lines and want to discuss options, as early as possible, notify the Business Accounts Team at: (239) 656-2300. We will then generate a work request and have a representative contact you to discuss options and to provide an estimate.

  • Working Space Request
Enter Online (doc) (pdf)

For additional information or assistance contact LCEC’s Risk Management Team at 800-282-1643 extension 384.


Builder accounts are assessed a deposit of $100 per property. Find out more information about deposits.

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