Steer clear of power lines while boating

February 2, 2022 – Now is the perfect time to enjoy the gorgeous Southwest Florida waterways in your boat. As you remember your sunscreen, towels and snacks, don’t forget the most important part of boating – safety! LCEC reminds all boaters to avoid coming into contact with power lines! Not only does contact pose a risk of power interruptions, it could mean serious injuries and even death.

–Always be aware of power lines when boating or fishing. Be sure to keep at least 10 feet distance between your boat and power lines.
–If your boat comes in contact with a power line, do not jump into the water! The water could be energized and dangerous. Remain calm and stay in the boat, but do not touch anything metal until help arrives and the boat is no longer in contact with the line.
–If your boat’s wiring is not in compliance with American Yacht Club Standards, hire a professional to get to get your boat’s electrical system in compliance.
–Check that your dockside outlets have GFCIs, and that any cords plugged into the outlets are in good condition without any exposed wires or broken casing.

LCEC thanks all boaters for respecting the importance of boating safely around power lines. For more safety tips, visit