Smart grid benefits

LCEC has been investing in smart devices throughout the electric system for years. These technologies continue to improve reliability and provide customers with the power to manage their energy usage and reduce costs.

  • Preventing Outages – Technologies and smart devices help to gather data and perform predictive maintenance before outages occur.
  • Identifying Outages – When trouble does occur, smart switches and sensors allow power to be rerouted around the isolated problem area, minimizing the impact on customers.
  • Restoring Outages – The location of outages can be identified for quicker, safer restoration. Crews can be dispatched quickly and equipment and facilities are identified immediately.
  • Access to information – Billing questions can easily be answered by referencing detailed online usage information. Automated meters provide customers with the ability to view daily usage and make energy choices before the bill arrives. LCEC’s SmartHub can also provide a Power Usage Alert when usage reaches a certain threshold. You can also download our mobile app to receive Power Usage Alerts.
  • Accurate Meter Reads – Automated meters with remote two-way communication between LCEC and the meter improves the accuracy of readings every month.
  • Improved Access – Operational costs are reduced when difficult to access meters are easily read remotely. This results in stable base rates for customers.

Future Offerings

  • Electric Vehicle Calculator – Another valuable LCEC tool to help customers maximize the value they are receiving by managing their usage.
  • Prepaid Metering – Automated meters make it possible to pre-pay for the energy you use. Budgeting and planning ahead was never so easy!

Smart Grid

In an effort to continually deliver reliable electricity and practical and financial solutions for customers, LCEC constantly implements Smart Grid technologies.

Advanced Smart Grid technology has allowed the LCEC power network to be improved over the years. Two-way communication between the electric system and specialized LCEC information systems helps us detect problems before they occur, conduct performance analysis and plan for the future. Controls, computers, automation and technology work together with knowledgeable LCEC employees to ensure customers have reliable electricity around the clock. When an outage does occur, the LCEC smart technology has the ability to detect and isolate the outage, while coordinating a quick and safe restoration.

Smart Grid is not just about the utility system. It is also about providing customers with the information and tools needed to make smart choices about energy usage. LCEC installed automated meters throughout the system in 2004. These meters give customers the power to manage their electric bills. Customers no longer need to wait for their monthly bill to determine their usage habits. Viewing daily energy usage online and receiving an alert when usage reaches a certain threshold is just one of the benefits that Smart Grid brings.

LCEC continues to explore Smart Grid technologies related to providing reliable, cost-competitive electricity and all the additional possibilities it brings. An LCEC team continually reviews additional Smart Grid options to determine the strategy moving forward with a focus on delivering cost-efficient, reliable services to our customers.