Supply Chain


LCEC partners with vendors to provide the cooperative with high quality goods and services that allow us to perform efficiently and effectively. We are committed to acquiring goods and services that provide the best value for the benefit of our members. We expect all vendors to provide LCEC with competitive pricing, compliance with our standards and specifications, a strong commitment to safety and quality control, as well as reliable and on time performance.

Become a Contractor or Consultant:
Download the Prequalification Questionnaire for Contractor/Consultant.

LCEC Contractor Insurance Requirements.

For additional inquiries, please email [email protected]


Effective inventory management assists LCEC in providing lower-cost service by having the right amount of material available for projects while keeping inventory at its most optimum level. 


Investment Recovery

LCEC actively identifies, redeploys, sells, or otherwise disposes of surplus assets acquired through the operation of our normal business. Objectives include inventory level reduction, improvement of space utilization, partial recovery of the costs of idle assets, and providing lower-cost services through reduced operating costs.


LCEC receives, stores, and delivers all materials required in response to the material needs of a 24-hour day. Storage areas are located in North Fort Myers, Belle Meade, Sanibel, Lehigh, and Immokalee.