power to share

The LCEC Power to Share program was created in 2009 to assist financially strained customers having difficulty making electric bill payments. This program is a partnership between LCEC and the United Way. Short-term emergency assistance is available to qualifying customers within the LCEC service territory. The program is funded through donations by LCEC employees, business partners, and customers.

Why Donate?
LCEC and the United Way are committed to helping people in our community improve their overall quality of life through long-lasting change. When you donate to the LCEC Power to Share Program, you are contributing to an effort to make a difference. Whether or not you are already contributing to United Way, we ask you to consider contributing to Power to Share. If everyone gives what they can, we can make an impact on the lives of many. Your contribution may be tax-deductible (see your tax advisor for details).

Power to Share by Rounding Up!

Power to Share by Rounding Up expands the program by providing participating customers with the opportunity to round up their monthly electric bill to the nearest dollar. This makes it easy to donate. For example, a bill of $150.25 would be rounded up to $151.00. The additional $0.75 will be allocated to the Power to Share Program. Customers can also add an additional monthly contribution or make a one-time donation to their bill. One-hundred percent of the donated funds are allocated to the Power to Share Program and administered by United Way to help pay the electric bill of someone in need. Customers can enroll through SmartHub, the online enrollment form, or over the phone with an LCEC Customer Care Professional. If a customer decides to opt-out later, simply utilize the same enrollment channels to do so. Please note that the changes may not be reflected until the next month's billing.

Other Important Information

Other Important Information

• Excluding additional donations, the maximum yearly contribution per customer is $12.00. • The total Power to Share contribution amount is tax-deductible and will be noted as a separate line item on your bill. • The total annual contribution will be reflected on the December bill. • If service is disconnected, the final (or last) bill will not include a Power to Share by Rounding Up charge. • Normal bill charges calculated at a whole dollar amount (ex. $112.00) will not include a Power to Share by Rounding Up charge. • Budget billing accounts enrolled in Power to Share by Rounding Up will always have a bill Power to Share amount of $1.00, plus any additional contribution selected. • LCEC reserves the right to opt-out any customer who does not pay the Power to Share donation by the bill’s due date.

Contribute without enrolling

Contribute Without Enrolling

If interested in contributing without enrolling in the LCEC Power to Share by Rounding Up Program, please complete the contribution form and return to the listed address, or visit www.unitedwaylee.org and click on Donate Now. Be sure to enter LCEC Power to Share in the “Community Name” section so your gift will be designated to the program. All checks should be made payable to the United Way. Thank you for being a part of this effort.  Customers that disconnected prior to December should attach their final LCEC bill. If you or someone you know needs help, please call United Way 211 by simply dialing 211 from a land line phone or calling 239- 433-3900. A United Way 211 Information and Referral Specialist will assess your situation.