In a day when it seems that a dollar buys less and less, the employees of LCEC are doing what they can to ensure you get the most out of every dollar you spend on electricity. For us, that means working effectively and efficiently to provide power that you can rely on.

LCEC was created to deliver power to cooperative members. The principle on which we were founded – service to our local community – is just as strong today as the day we opened our doors in 1940.

Cooperative 7 principles


Trusted partners energizing lives in the communities we serve.


We are a team committed to providing reliable and competitive electric services and quality user experience.


LCEC values safety as everyone’s responsibility.
Living safely is the first priority. Each of us has a responsibility to ensure a safe environment, which includes appropriate equipment, training and behavior.

LCEC values providing quality external and internal customer service.
We are committed to listening to and serving our customers and coworkers in a professional, courteous and reliable manner.

LCEC values commitment to integrity, diversity and respect.
We treat everyone with dignity while conducting our business in a professional, fair, honest and ethical way.

LCEC values employees working together to make success happen.
Our success is a direct result of our employee contributions, dedication and teamwork.

LCEC values accountability for results.
We take pride in our jobs and are responsible for continuous improvement, personal growth, financial well-being and business results.

LCEC values our responsibility to energize the community.
We are dedicated to taking an active role in making our communities and the environment a better place to work and live