Protect your children from electrical hazards

August 27, 2019 – Once you become a parent, there are millions of things to worry about. Electrical hazards in your home doesn’t have to be one of them. There are oodles of gadgets designed to help baby-proof your home. Along with those security gizmos, it is important to keep the following in mind to keep your tiny tots safe:

Extension Cords:
Avoid using power strips in your child’s room. Not only can a child grab the cord (and pull down whatever it is attached to), there is always a chance your child might chew on the cord.

Outlet Caps/Covers:
Invest in outlet caps/covers. These caps are super inexpensive and come in bulk. These plastic caps plug directly into power outlets and are nearly impossible for little fingers to grip onto. Keeping tiny tots from sticking fingers or anything else into power outlets is more than a suggestion, it is must-do!

Use nightlights to keep your toddling youngsters safe in the dark. There are even outlet-mounted nightlights that fit over a duplex receptacle, blocking unused electrical holes from curious tots.

Replace or Repair:
If your appliances are not working properly or feel hot/tingly to the touch, contact a licensed electrician immediately. This professional can detect problems and fix them immediately.

In addition to the above mentioned tips which help to protect your tots from electrical hazards, it is important to invest in locks for toilet bowls, stoves, refrigerators, and drawers, and straps to secure televisions and furniture. You can find something to baby-proof just about anything and everything in your home…and it is definitely worthwhile to do so!