LCEC working around-the-clock

August 29, 2023 – As feeder bands from Hurricane Idalia bring tropical force winds to our area, LCEC reminds members that scattered outages may occur. It is essential to remember the following:

  • Stay away from downed power lines! Downed lines could be energized and therefore deadly. If you see a downed line:
    • Call 911.
    • Never try to move a downed line.
    • Never drive over or near a downed power line or anything in contact with them.
  • If you experience a power outage and use a portable generator, practice caution!
    • Don’t connect your generator directly to your home’s wiring at the breaker panel or meter or a regular household outlet.
    • Don’t overload the generator.
    • Never use a generator indoors or in an attached garage.
    • Do not store fuel indoors or try to refuel a generator while it’s running. Turn off all equipment powered by the generator before shutting down your generator.

LCEC crews remain staged on Sanibel Island, Pine Island, Marco Island and in North Fort Myers. These crews will work around-the-clock to restore any power interruptions.

Utilize the Storm Center at to know where power outages are. If your outage is noted on the map, there is no need to call LCEC because we are on the way!

Stay safe SWFL!