COVID-19 Statement from LCEC CEO Denise Vidal

March 15, 2020
Throughout our 80 years of history we have overcome many adversities and risen above a variety of challenges, threats, and emergencies. We have always been prepared and this situation is no different.
We are not expecting a lapse in service. Year-round, we conduct routine maintenance, inspections, and upgrades so the LCEC grid can be as strong as possible. Our business operates around-the-clock and we are executing our pandemic response plan to ensure that we can continue to provide you with the power you need.

You are able to conduct most business with LCEC online or on your mobile device through SmartHub and If you are not enrolled in SmartHub you can enroll through our website or by downloading the mobile app.

Following are some of the actions we are taking:

Monitoring and Informing
We are following federal, state, and local health recommendations to protect all stakeholders. We offer employees and customers ongoing information utilizing multiple communication channels.

Ensuring Business Continuity
LCEC has activated our established infectious disease emergency response plan. Our two-pronged strategy is to focus on wellness while also planning for continuous electric service.

Using an Abundance of Caution
We are limiting access to our work environments, allowing employees to work remotely where possible, temporarily suspending non-essential visits to customers’ homes and businesses, suspending business travel and training, and social distancing.

Just as we have done for 80 years, LCEC has been here for our members no matter what the situation. We know this is a difficult time for everyone. We are committed to doing everything in our power to continue delivering reliable electricity and quality service at a competitive price to our members.

Denise Vidal
Executive Vice President and
Chief Executive Officer