A bad refrigerator seal could increase your electric bill

April 26, 2023 – A refrigerator seal (or gasket) has to be in pristine shape to ensure that your cold items stay cold and electricity isn’t wasted. There are several signs which indicate a faulty or bad seal including a warm interior, condensation, and constant running of the fridge.

If you are worried your seal has gone bad, try one or all of these three tests:

  1. Carefully inspect all around your refrigerator seal. Crumbs and other types of dirt could prevent an airtight seal.
  2. Place a dollar bill where the seal is and shut the refrigerator door. As you slowly pull out the bill, observe if there is any tension or not. It is best to repeat this test around the whole seal to see where the potential weak or broken points exist.
  3. Carefully inspect the seal with your fingers to feel for cracks and ruptures.

If you have a bad refrigerator seal, it must be replaced to ensure the safety of your cold items and to prevent wasted electricity. As cold air leaks from a faulty seal, the refrigerator compressor has to work harder which can shorten the lifespan of your fridge and increase your energy consumption.

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