What to do when an auto accident involves a power line

September 1, 2021 – Auto accidents are extremely scary for all those involved. If you are ever involved in or witness to an accident that involves power lines, it imperative to follow the steps below to potentially save your life or the life of someone in need. LCEC reminds all drivers to:

Remain in your vehicle:
If your car comes in contact with a power pole/line, do NOT leave the car. Your car and the surrounding area of the accident scene could be energized. If you leave the car, you could become the electricity’s path to the ground which could result in serious injury or death from electric shock. It is equally important to not allow bystanders to help as they could be seriously injured or killed.

Call for help:
Call 911 immediately who will then alert the responsible utility. Both will come to your aid ASAP!

Wait for the OK:
Wait for a utility or emergency worker to give you the ok before exiting your vehicle. The only reason to exit your car is if it on fire. If your car is on fire, jump clear of the vehicle with your feet together and hop away with your feet remaining together.

Keep your cool:
Vehicle accidents can be extremely unnerving! Do your best to remain calm and listen to the instructions of the emergency and utility personnel. You remaining calm will help yourself and those working to help you.

For more safety tips, visit lcec.net. Safe driving!