What causes blinking lights?

March 1, 2023 – As frustrating as they can be, blinking lights are actually a good thing! Blinking lights or momentary outages are the result of a disturbance that is detected on the electric system. The cause can range from something like a car accident to an animal to a tree branch. When lights blink, it is an indication that LCEC protective devices are operating correctly. When something contacts an energized line, it creates a fault or short circuit. If the fault or short circuit is temporary, power is restored immediately. The protective device will sometimes operate more than once to clear the line of the disturbance and avoid a prolonged outage. If the line is not cleared, it will be de-energized to protect equipment from damage and ensure safety. Unfortunately, this protective measure may cause lights to flicker and clocks on stoves and microwaves to reset. Investing in battery back ups can help mediate some of the interruptions caused by these momentary outages.