Wash away your energy worries

March 9, 2021 – As we continue to work remotely, stay close to home, and wear face coverings galore while out, the laundry seems to be piling up more than ever! The following are tips that can help you soak up energy savings while keeping up with your increased laundry load:

• Wash full loads of laundry, but be careful not to overload your washing machine!
• Use cold water to wash your clothes whenever possible. If you must, use warm water but try to avoid using hot water unless completely necessary.
• Presoak heavily soiled items to avoid having to wash items twice, or invest in the quality laundry detergent to eliminate the need to presoak.
• Use a clothesline when possible. Air is FREE!
• Use the automatic dry cycle. Over drying wastes electricity and can diminish the quality of your clothes over time.
• Remove and clean the lint screen from your dryer after every load. Lint buildup hinders airflow in your dryer causing the machine to use more energy.
• Check the outside exhaust of your clothes dryer regularly. A clogged exhaust can extend the time it takes to dry your clothes while wasting electricity.

For more energy saving tips, visit www.lcec.net.