Tips for saving energy on Thanksgiving

November 18, 2021 – It’s time to gobble until you wobble! LCEC energy experts remind customers to do the following to save moola as you munch: 

  • Plan out your oven use. Cook multiple things at once. Consider cooking your appetizers, dinner and dessert items at once to cut down on your electric usage. Every time you open your oven, the temperature drops by 25 to 30 degrees in addition to raising the temperature in your kitchen, so resist the urge to continually peek at your dishes!
  • Utilize your microwave for side dishes. Microwaves use half as much electricity as conventional ovens, and cook items in a shorter time.
  • Make sure you match up pots and pans to your burners. Using a small pot on a big burner wastes electricity.
  • Consider using a cooler for things like drinks rather than continually opening your fridge.
  • Avoid wasting time, water and energy by letting your dishwasher clean your Thanksgiving mess. Fill it up as much as possible to make each load count.

Happy Thanksgiving from the LCEC!