Tips for evacuating before a storm

July 30, 2019 – So far so good this storm season, but there is no way to predict what Mother Nature has in store for the remainder of this unnerving time of year. If a storm does rear its ugly head and you live in a mobile home, coastal area, flood prone area or a high-rise, evacuation is worth considering. If a storm poses a large enough risk to life, mandatory evacuations could happen. Below are tips to keep in mind should you evacuate:

• Evacuate during daylight hours if possible and make sure your home is secure before you leave.
• Map your evacuation route and use routs specified by authorities.
• Notify family and neighbors that you are evacuating.
• Turn off electricity at your main breaker or consider unplugging all of your electrical devices, except for your refrigerator.
• Take photo identification, emergency kit and important documents.
• Fill jugs of water to fill the freezer.
• Turn your refrigerator to its coldest setting.

For more storm-related tips, lists and tools, download LCEC’s Hurricane Guide from