Storm season starts June 1

May 4, 2021 – Although the last thing on your mind is the start of storm season after fighting long and hard against COVID-19, June 1 will be here before we know it! Now is the time to prepare yourself and your family in the event that any storms come our way. Keep the following in mind when making your plans for the start of storm season:

-Make an emergency plan and share with family.
-Know your risk for wind, rain, and floor.
-Know your evacuation zone.
-Put together a disaster supply kit. Visit for planning tips.
-Have a backup source of power ready for anyone requiring life-support equipment.
-Get your finances in order.
-Strengthen your home by ensuring your yard stays debris free and trees are pruned.
-Help family, neighbors, and coworkers plan.
-Remind everyone you know to stay away from downed power lines!!

Rest assured that LCEC is ready for anything that Mother Nature brings to SWFL! Between maintaining our electric system and improving upon our restoration planning year-round, all LCEC employees are ready to jump into action if and when the time comes.

For more information on preparing for storm season, download a copy of the LCEC Hurricane Guide on