Storm season reminders from LCEC

July 27, 2023 – With storm season in full swing, it is essential for LCEC customers to remember the following:

LCEC does not disconnect power before a storm

After Mother Nature runs her course, LCEC begins to restore power to impacted areas once winds are at a safe level to work.

LCEC has resources in place for any storm

Before a storm makes impact, LCEC recruits additional resources, suppliers, and logistic support so that as soon as it is safe, restoration work can begin.

LCEC knows your power is out

There is no need to call if your power is out. LCEC crews will continue to restore power until the winds are too strong to work safely. At that point, workers ride out the storm until they are able to assess the damage and begin to make repairs.

Visit the Storm Center at for more storm season tips and tools.