Stay spooktacularly safe this Halloween

October 29, 2019 – Candy, costumes, pumpkins and trick-or-treating are just a few things that come to mind when Halloween comes to town. It is easy to forget the most important part of Halloween…safety! Below are a few tips to keep in mind to have a spooktacularly safe Halloween night:

Choose costume wisely:
Whether your tot wants to be a princess or a villain, be sure that any costume you buy is flame-resistant, flame-retardant and/or non-combustible. It is also wise to skip on swords, masks or any accessories that could be dangerous while trick-or-treating after dark. If an accessory like a sword is a must, seek out props that are short, soft and flexible.

Driving cautiously:
Drive slowly, watching for children in roadways, medians and near curbs. If at all possible, do not drive on Halloween night, and especially do not allow new or inexperienced drivers to frolic around town when there will be so many children out in dark clothes and costumes.

Walk in groups:
Never trick-or-treat alone. It is best to walk in groups with at least one adult. It is also smart to bring flashlights with you, and fasten reflective tape to costumes and trick-or-treat bags for better visibility.

Thoroughly check candy:
All candy and goodies collected should be examined by an adult before eating to ensure there are no choking hazards or signs of tampering.

LCEC wishes you and yours a safe and fun Halloween!