Spook away energy vampires

October 27, 2020 – What better time to talk about avoiding energy vampires (a.k.a. phantom loads) in your home then at Halloween! Energy vampires or phantom loads are terms that describe appliances and electronics that are left plugged-in even when they are not in use. These items literally drain electricity all-day, every-day. On average, Americans have 20+ energy vampires sucking up electricity in their home right now which is estimated to add nearly $100 on their electric bills in just one year. Awareness and conservation are key to making an impact on both your electric bill and your carbon footprint! Slaying these energy vampires is as easy as unplugging things such as phone chargers, coffeemakers, and toasters when they are not being used. While it is important to unplug unused appliances and electronics while you are away for extended periods of time like vacation, it is equally important to do it on a daily basis before you leave for work or school. For more tips on conserving electricity, visit www.lcec.net.