Sanibel transmission line expected be energized today

October 14, 2022 – LCEC and FPL crews and support workers, supported by efforts from the Governor’s office, are expected to energize the transmission line on Sanibel Island some time today. It is still early for an estimated restoration time. LCEC serves nearly 11,000 customers on Sanibel and Captiva islands. The goal is to restore power as quickly and safely as possible to those able to receive power and ensure the infrastructure is available for those who will rebuild their homes or businesses destroyed by Hurricane Ian.

Travel to and from the island has been a challenge without the option of vehicular traffic. Mobilization by barge began last week and was not without challenges due to timing of tides, weight restrictions, the quantity and size of the equipment and materials, and the number of workers traveling to the island. Earlier this week, a convoy of hundreds of utility and support trucks and vehicles reached the island through a one-time emergency roadway access supported by Governor DeSantis. This expedited staging and allowed crews to begin preliminary work on the transmission and substation infrastructure.

Assessment, testing, and scrubbing of critical equipment was required before energizing. Simultaneously, crews began working to set poles and prepare installation of wire and other facilities to energize the backbone of the system.

In addition to hundreds of FPL line workers, the restoration operation on the island includes LCEC substation electricians, design engineers, warehouse workers, base camp coordinators, logistics experts, emergency operations representatives, and safety personnel.