New LCEC chief executive officer appointed

October 18, 2019 - After a well thought out selection process, the LCEC Board of Trustees appointed Denise Vidal to the role of executive vice president and chief executive officer at their Board meeting yesterday. “I am honored by the Board’s confidence in me. I couldn’t ask for a better team. With the help of co-workers and the Trustees we will continue to serve our members responsibly,” said Vidal.

Having worked for LCEC in a variety of departments and leadership roles including chief financial officer (CFO), Vidal has a broad understanding and knowledge of the LCEC business model, the utility industry, and the environment in which LCEC operates. She has an impressive track record for cultivating relationships and maintaining financial strength while always supporting the LCEC mission to deliver reliable electricity, competitive rates, and quality service. The Board welcomes Denise to the role and wishes her every success when she moves from her CFO role to the top leadership position on December 1, 2019.

The selection of Vidal is the result of a thorough review process and consideration of the qualifications needed to serve employee and member best interests. “Vidal has vast experience and knowledge of the LCEC business and is a great fit for the leadership competencies that were evaluated as part of the selection process; strategic vision, business acumen, integrity, value-driven decision-making, leading by example, and corporate stewardship. We are excited that she accepted the position,” said Board President, Russell Priddy.

Dennie Hamilton recently announced his November retirement so that he can enjoy the next chapter of his life. “He has been a remarkable leader and responsible for leading the organization throughout his distinguished twelve-year tenure as CEO,” said Priddy. “We are indebted to Dennie for greatly advancing our ability to adapt to change, advancing our integrated business planning process, and serving as a champion for living the LCEC values and giving back to the community.”