LCEC Lineman Extinguish House Fire

January 12, 2024 - LCEC takes great pride in recognizing the heroic actions of two dedicated lineman, Jason Brennan and Jarrett Cornell. These courageous individuals acted quickly to respond to, and extinguish, a house fire in Island Vista Estates Mobile Home Community on Thursday, January 11.

While driving from one job to another, Brennan and Cornell noticed thick black smoke in the air. As they approached, they saw flames reaching up to 10-12 feet high, bystanders outside, and no emergency personnel nearby.

Without hesitation, the two linemen sprang into action. "We didn't think twice about it. It was something that needed to be done," said Cornell. They knocked on the door and urged the individual inside the burning trailer to evacuate. The fire department had been dispatched and in the meantime, the LCEC linemen immediately grabbed the fire extinguishers from their truck to begin putting out the fire. When the extinguishers ran out, they quickly hooked up a neighbor's hose and continued to fight the fire. Thanks to their quick thinking and bravery, no one was injured. The two workers stayed on the scene until the fire department arrived, and then set off on their way to their next job.

Brennan, who has years of experience in the utility field, stated, "I have never encountered a situation like this before." LCEC fieldworkers undergo annual First-Aid, fire extinguisher, and CPR training.