LCEC Celebrating 80 Years

January 7, 2020 – LCEC has been serving Southwest Florida’s energy needs since 1940 when orange grove owner George Judd sold the North Fort Myers Mariana Grove power plant to the members who lived in North Fort Myers. Homer T. Welch was the company’s first member of management when LCEC began with 15 miles of distribution line and 158 members, which was about one percent of Lee County’s population at the time. In the 80 years since then, LCEC has prided itself on living up to our mission of providing efficient, reliable, cost-competitive electricity, emerging energy solutions, and excellent service to our customers. One example of us staying true to our mission is our focus on managing operating and maintenance costs while constantly improving processes and efficiencies. As a result of this hard work, 2020 also marks the 12th consecutive year that LCEC has not raised rates. LCEC customers can rest assured knowing that LCEC will spend the next 80 years working just as diligently to provide reliable electric and quality service at the lowest possible rates while continuing to give back to this community which we all call home. Happy New Year from LCEC, and thank you for letting us energize your life since 1940!