LCEC Celebrates National Lineman Appreciation Day

April 18, 2023 – Today, April 18, is National Lineman Appreciation Day! On this special day, LCEC honors not just our dedicated linemen, but line heroes around the world, for the essential work they do. These dedicated, highly skilled workers put their lives on the line 24/7/365 to keep the lights on. They work in treacherous conditions faced with challenging elements and situations. Following Hurricane Ian in late 2022, LCEC crews teamed with linemen from throughout the country to work around-the-clock to essentially rebuild all of the LCEC infrastructure and restore power to customers as quickly and safely as possible.

In 2015, LCEC lineman Les Walton made history when he was inducted into the International Lineman Museum Hall of Fame. Walton passed away in 2020, but his memory will forever live at LCEC and in this museum!

On National Lineman Appreciation Day and every day, please take time to #thankalineman with a wave, honk or kind word which will make their day!

LCEC extends sincere appreciation, thanks and admiration to all the brave lineworkers across the nation! Every lineworker is a hero!