Keep pets safe from electrical hazards

April 4, 2024 – Electrical hazards around the home can cause serious harm and even death to furry family members. Keep the following safety tips in mind to protect pets from the dangers that electricity poses:

  • Protect pets from electrical cords by covering with a heavy plastic sleeve or applying a bitter tasting product to deter pets from chewing. Chewing on cords can cause deadly shock!
  • Never leave charging cords plugged in when not in use and in view. Serious burns or shock can happen if pets put these cords in their mouths.
  • Ensure that night lights and appliances are fully plugged into wall outlets with no exposed prongs which could attract tiny paws or tongues.
  • Ensure that no cords are dangling from conveniences such as lamps and appliances. These cords could easily get pulled down and potentially start a fire.
  • Never allow pets to nap or play behind and/or near computer equipment, dryers or other large electrical appliances.
  • Do not allow pets to curl up for a nap behind warm computer equipment, clothes dryer or other electrical items. Keep an eye on pets and steer furry friends away from situations that could cause an electrical risk.

If an animal comes in contact with an electrical hazard, it is essential to check the pet for signs of burns, increased drooling, coughing, difficulty breathing or signs of suffering. If any of these symptoms are present, immediately contact a veterinarian.