Just say no to heating

December 3, 2019 – The weather outside isn’t quite frightful, but it is chilly for sunny SWFL! As tempting as it might be to switch on the heat at night, LCEC reminds customers that heating is the most intense use of electric energy and the most expensive electric appliance. On average, heating costs two to three times more than cooling. Rather than risking a high electric bill, bundle up with blankets or cuddle even closer with your favorite person or pet. If it is still too chilly for your Florida blood, you might consider investing in heating blankets and small portable heaters. Blankets and space heaters work well, but caution must be used and all the manufacturer instructions read before use. If all else fails and you are chilled to the bone and must turn on the heat, LCEC recommends setting the thermostat between 65 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. For more ways to save on your electric bill, visit lcec.net.