How power is restored by LCEC following a major storm

June 27, 2023 – Safety is the number one priority for LCEC following a major storm. As line workers begin the labor-intensive work that is restoration, it is essential for customers to keep safety in mind for their own well-being and the safety of those working to get the lights back on.   

  • Stay clear of downed power lines, as they may be energized.
  • Puddles of water contacting downed lines are dangerous.
  • Keep LCEC phone lines clear for emergency calls by only calling to report safety threats.

In a restoration event, LCEC works through four steps:

  1. Damage assessment - Includes physical inspection of our facilities. Once damage assessments have been made, LCEC begins repairs.
  2. Critical repairs - LCEC repairs main circuits and restores critical facilities such as hospitals, police, and fire stations.
  3. Quickly and safely - Repair lines that get the greatest number of customers on as soon as possible.
  4. Remaining outages - Restore power to those small pockets or individuals still without power.

For more information on the steps taken by LCEC before, during, and after a major storm and other tips for staying safe during storm season, visit the Storm Center on