Fall into good energy habits

November 11, 2021 – Fall is the perfect time to make sure your energy usage efforts aren’t falling by the wayside. (Pun intended). Consider the following tips to help you save on your energy bill during fall and beyond.

Let the sun do its thing

Let the sun shine in to light and warm your home on chilly days. Just be sure to close curtains at night to keep any chilly weather out.

Check all seals

Before winter comes, inspect your windows and doors for any gaps that could allow heat and/or AC to enter or escape. If need be, use weather strips and caulking to help keep your home at the perfect temp for you and your family!

Reverse ceiling fans

Although it isn’t really necessary in Florida, you can change the direction of your ceiling fan to turn clockwise. This simple change pushes warm air that has risen back down into the room. This also aids in redistributing air so the air coming out of the vents it is evenly moved through the room.

For more ways to save, visit lcec.net.