Energy + Safety = Win-Win

February 25, 2020 – Electricity cools our homes, heats our food, powers our electronics, and lights up our lives in more ways than one. But with the convenience of electricity comes the need to be extremely cautious. To keep yourself, your loved ones, and your home safe from energy hazards, it is essential to remember the following five tips:

1. Discard damaged power cords. If you notice that the protective coating on power cords has been stripped away or is damaged in any way, it is essential to replace it ASAP. If you must keep the cord until a new one can be purchased, be sure to cover it with electrical tape immediately.
2. Never overload outlets. Outlets are designed to deliver a specific amount of electricity. Plugging too many things into an outlet can cause a number of things including a fire! Consider using a power strip if you need to plug in multiple devices.
3. Avoid extension cords. Extension cords are not intended for permanent use and can result in trips or even Fido getting hurt from nibbling the cord if they are not properly secured. If your home doesn’t have enough outlets for your needs, hire a certified electrician to install additional outlets.
4. Water and electronics don’t mix. Water conducts electricity. Avoid getting water near outlets or electronics.
5. Protect kiddos from electrical hazards. With so many safety products on the market, it is easy and affordable to baby-proof your home. A jumbo package of safety caps for electrical outlets is just a few bucks and is one easy way to keep your child safe around electricity.

These five tips are just some of the many ways you can create a win-win situation when it comes to energy and safety. Visit for more ways to be safe around electricity.