Become an energy expert using the LCEC energy tools

January 26, 2022 – Being an energy expert is simple and FREE when you use the energy tools on! Using the LCEC interactive online tools will help you understand and manage your energy usage. You can also find ways to conserve energy and reduce your electric bill. These three tools can make a huge difference in your energy consumption:

SmartHub– With LCEC SmartHub, you can set usage alerts, monitor energy usage, and much more.

Interactive Home - Understanding your electric usage is easy and fun with the online Interactive Home. By spending a few minutes clicking through the “virtual” home, you will learn many proven ways to save energy dollars year after year. Many of the energy-saving suggestions are low-cost or no-cost.

Calc-U-Saver – This virtual energy assessment of your home takes just minutes to profile your home and get savings recommendations.

For more simple tips on lowering your electric usage, visit