Be Generator Safe with GenerLink™

March 4, 2020 – Storm season will be here before we know it. Now is the time to prepare if you plan to use a generator. Although generators are super convenient in times of power outages, they can create hazardous conditions for both the people within the home they are powering and any electric crews working in the area. GenerLink™ offered by LCEC eliminates the use of extension cords and other hazardous connections by providing a safe connection from the electric meter directly to the generator. It also detects when a generator is operating and automatically disconnects from the utility grid, eliminating dangerous backfeed.

Benefits of GenerLink™:
• Easiest and safest generator connection.
• Allows customers to run virtually any appliances up to the capacity of their generator.
• Easily installed behind the electric meter by a certified LCEC technician.
• Connection at the meter keeps your portable generator outside where it is safe.
• Seven-year manufacturer’s warranty.

There are two types of GenerLink™ available to LCEC customers for purchase. Visit the GenerLink™ section of for FAQs, pricing, and more.