2020 LCEC Trustee Election

February 18, 2020 – Since 1940, LCEC employees, guided by the board of trustees, have made a supreme effort to balance fiscal responsibility with the goal of improving the lives of those whom they serve. LCEC board members, elected by customers, demonstrate veracity and principles in their professional and personal lives and contribute to the organization’s diversity in terms of background and business experience. The 10-member board takes great responsibility in setting policy and procedures and maintaining financial strength while supporting employees who run the day to day operations of the utility. These board members are elected by LCEC customers, and represent the geographical area in which they reside. Three-year terms are staggered in order to provide continuity on the board.

Ballots for the 2020 LCEC Trustee Election will be mailed to customers in March. Instructions for voluntary voting are printed on the ballot, and include voting online or by phone. Election results will be presented at LCEC’s Annual Meeting on April 16.

Visit the Board of Trustees page on lcec.net for more information on LCEC’s current board, the nomination process and more.