Energy Usage Analysis

Energy Usage Analysis


It is important to take steps to understand and manage energy costs. Daily usage data from your meter can provide valuable insight into your usage patterns, and potentially help to identify irregular spikes in usage due to various reasons. Access to daily usage can be found on SmartHub. LCEC representatives can assist with a more in-depth analysis of your usage over the phone, and will help in evaluating energy consumption and provide tips on how to improve energy efficiency.

Energy Saving Tips & Tools

Using the LCEC interactive online tools will help you understand and manage your energy usage. You can also find ways to conserve energy and reduce your electric bill.

      • With the LCEC Energy Tools, you can answer many of your energy questions by analyzing your usage and assessing ways to save.
      • Take control of your usage by enrolling in SmartHub and track your yearly, monthly, and daily power usage. Compare two bills worth of usage history or view the differences between this month last year. Click here to get started.
      • The Calc-U-Saver tools will provide you with a breakdown of your energy use based on your home inputs, weather, and billing information. Conduct a virtual energy assessment of your home by completing a profile of your home and get savings recommendations. With our energy calculators you can view the annual cost of using your TV, appliances, and lights.

Residential Usage Analysis:

A qualified LCEC representative will conduct a free virtual usage analysis of your home. The energy analysis includes:

      • Detailed analysis by phone of usage patterns, including monthly, daily, and hourly
      • Bill analysis
      • Review of energy habits and home’s appliance profile, energy saving tips, and recommendations