Residential Security Lighting

Private-area pole-mounted outdoor lighting is available from LCEC for your convenience, safety and security. These lights are designed to provide lighting for private property. These private-area fixtures use LED lamps and produce a circular light distribution. Wood and concrete poles are available to suit various applications.

LCEC shall furnish, install, operate, and maintain the outdoor lighting equipment including lamp, luminaire, bracket attachment, and control device on an existing pole owned by LCEC, electrically connected so that the power for operation of the light does not pass through the meter for the customer’s other usage, at a location mutually agreeable to LCEC and the customer. The customer shall reimburse LCEC for any extra costs incurred during the installation of the outdoor lighting equipment, including but not limited to surveying, tree trimming, and rock removal.

A ten-year service agreement may be required to reconnect an existing security light or for the installation of a new security light.

Customers also have the ability to install a private-owned security light, purchased through lighting or home improvement retailers and wired into their residential electric system by a professional electrician. Private-owned outdoor lighting may not be installed on LCEC poles and must be maintained by the owner.

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For streetlights and/or municipal lighting solutions, please contact your local government office.