Always Look Up!

Caring for the vegetation on your property can help maintain the electric system and prevent power outages. However, working around power lines and trees can be dangerous. You should never attempt to prune a tree near electrical wires.  All body parts and tools must remain a minimum of ten feet away from energized distribution lines. Only qualified line clearance contractors should care for trees growing near power lines and other electric facilities. Contact LCEC for safe options for tree care near power lines.

Contact LCEC for help

Contact LCEC at 239-656-2300 to report a tree and line conflict that could impact safety or service reliability.

LCEC performs site visits to assess these conflicts and determine if they meet the criteria for maintaining safety and reliability. LCEC will maintain vegetation around primary lines if there is potential to impact safety or service reliability. LCEC will maintain the area around secondary lines and streetlight lines only if damage is imminent to LCEC facilities. If your tree and line conflict meet these criteria, LCEC will assign the work to LCEC qualified line clearance contractors. LCEC does not clear around streetlight globes.

Always contact LCEC before performing or contracting tree work near our electric lines.  For trees within 10 feet of primary lines, LCEC can schedule safe clearing in advance of tree care. For non-essential private pruning around low-voltage lines such as streetlight wires and secondary lines, please call LCEC to schedule an appointment to deenergize or disconnect these lines while tree work is performed safely around them.

Customers are responsible for pruning vegetation around service drops, where the low-voltage line serves only one customer.  Please call LCEC to schedule an appointment to deenergize or disconnect these lines while tree work is performed safely around them.

If you have trees or vegetation that meets the above criteria for work, please submit a Tree Trimming Request Form for a free site visit to discuss options.

Call Before You Dig!

Homeowners are required by law to call Sunshine State One Call, at 800-432-4770, two full days before digging in any easement, right of way or permitted use area.

After you call, information about where you will be digging is entered into a computer that compares that area to the location of underground utilities in the area. The area will either be declared clear, or will be appropriately marked for any underground lines. Only after you make the call will you be safe to dig.

Saving the Green with Green

In Southwest Florida homes, approximately 47 percent of the energy used is for cooling, and 8 percent for heating. This could mean that more than half of your utility bill is spent to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Landscaping is a natural and beautiful way to keep your home more comfortable and reduce your energy bills. According to the Department of Energy, just three trees properly placed around the house can save an average household between $100 and $250 annually in heating and cooling costs.

Trees planted in your yard can help reduce the discomfort of summer in two ways:

  • Provide a canopy of shade. The tree’s leaves absorb or reflect sunshine that would otherwise hit the home.
  • Cool the air around the home through evapotranspiration, a process where leaves absorb heat, cooling the surrounding air by as much as 9 degrees.