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Security Lighting FAQ

Security Lighting FAQ

What are security lights?

Private-area pole-mounted outdoor lighting is available for your convenience, safety and security. These lights are designed to provide lighting for private property. These private-area fixtures use high-pressure sodium lamps and produce a circular light distribution. Wood and concrete poles are available to suit various applications.

LCEC shall furnish, install, operate, and maintain the outdoor lighting equipment including lamp, luminaire, bracket attachment, and control device on an existing pole owned by LCEC, electrically connected so that the power for operation of the light does not pass through the meter for the customer’s other usage, at a location mutually agreeable to LCEC and the customer. The customer shall reimburse LCEC for any extraneous costs incurred during the installation of the outdoor lighting equipment, including but not limited to surveying, tree trimming, and rock removal.

What about streetlights or commercial lighting?

Click here for commercial lighting solutions. For streetlights and/or municipal lighting solutions, please contact your local government office.

Can I choose which direction the light faces?

You may choose the direction of light to some extent. LCEC will not be required to install equipment at any location where the service may be objectionable to others. If it is found that the light is objectionable after it is installed, LCEC may at its option terminate the service.

How do I order?

Contact the Customer Care Center for a price quote and estimated installation schedule. The LCEC Engineering Department will review the service request and site in order to provide an accurate quote.

Where is this service available?

Security lighting is available throughout the LCEC service territory.

How does the light operate?

The lights are configured for automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.

Where is the light fixture mounted?

Light fixtures are generally installed where poles and low voltage conductors already exist. However, an existing pole may not be suitable for a light installation, and a new pole may be required.

What if existing facilities do not exist where I want a security light?

LCEC engineering personnel will review the request, survey the site, and determine the requirements for installation, prior to providing an accurate quote.

What types and sizes of poles may be installed?

A variety of types and sizes of poles are available, depending upon circumstances and the customer’s needs. Pole types include wood and concrete. Heights vary from 30′ to 45′.

Are there any additional facilities that may be installed?

In some cases, a protective guard rail may be required. If so, an additional fee will be included in the monthly rate.

Can the service be either overhead or underground?

The standard installation is overhead. Underground installation is possible if requested by the customer and/or required by local ordinance. An underground differential fee will be assessed at time of installation and an additional fee will be included in the monthly rate.

Do I own the pole and light?

No. LCEC retains ownership of these installed facilities. The customer shall protect the lighting equipment from deliberate damage. The customer shall reimburse LCEC for the cost of maintenance that is caused by vandalism.

Who performs maintenance on the light, including replacement of a burned-out lamp?

Only LCEC authorized personnel shall perform maintenance on LCEC facilities. LCEC shall maintain the lighting equipment, including lamp replacement, at no additional cost to the customer within five to seven business days after the customer notifies LCEC of the need for maintenance of the lighting equipment. The customer shall allow authorized representatives of LCEC to enter the premises and to trim trees and shrubs  only if necessary for reliability or safety purposes or for removal of the lighting equipment upon termination of service under this schedule.

Are there different light styles?

No. We offer one style with different bulb wattages: 100, 150, 250 and 400 watts.

Can LCEC place a light on my existing private pole?

No. Lighting fixtures must be attached to LCEC-owned facilities.

What is the term of service?

The term of service under this schedule is not less than ten years. If LCEC is required to remove or replace private-area light facilities provided under this schedule, forcing premature retirement, the customer shall be required to pay LCEC an amount equal to the original installed cost, less depreciation and salvage value, plus the cost of removal.

What service and functional guarantee does LCEC provide with security lighting?

LCEC, while exercising diligence at all times in furnishing service hereunder, does not guarantee continuous lighting and will not be liable for damages from any interruption, deficiency, or failure of service and reserves the right to interrupt service at any time for necessary repairs to lines or equipment or for system protection.

What happens if I do not pay my bill? Will I be disconnected?

Yes, failure to pay your bill will result in the disconnection of electrical power to your residence, not just to your security light. In the event the current bill is not paid after due notice, to the extent permitted by law, the customer is subject to a late-payment charge and disconnection. For additional information about fees and charges, click here.

Will I have to pay a $200 minimum charge?

Click here for full information about security lighting fees and charges.

What if I want to install the light myself or have an electrician hook it up?

Only LCEC-authorized personnel may install lights on LCEC facilities. Homeowners may purchase other outdoor lighting solutions and install them on privately owned poles. Any LCEC electricity used for operation of such lights will be included in the electric bill.

Why are there different pole heights?

Different pole heights provide proper clearances and lighting coverage.
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