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LCEC and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

LCEC understands there is a growing interest in electricity as an environmentally sound, cost effective way to power vehicles and we are here to connect your charging station to the electric infrastructure when you are ready.

Customers can typically install charging stations anywhere on the LCEC electric system either as a new metered service, or as an add-on to an existing service.  LCEC will ensure the electric infrastructure is in place to provide power to the charging station as requested and funded by the customer.

As a New Service

If the charging station is a new service, an application for service must be submitted to LCEC. You can begin the service request process here: Start/Stop Service. The service request will be evaluated to determine the electric infrastructure needs and costs associated with the new construction. After any required Customer Contribution In Aid of Construction (CIAC), easement provisions, and permits for the installation of LCEC facilities are received, the new service will be constructed.

As an Addition to an Existing Service

It is more likely that a charging station will be installed as an additional load to an existing customer meter. It is recommended that the customer contact LCEC prior to installing a charging station, to make a Service Upgrade Request by calling 239-656-2300. This will result in an evaluation of the additional load on the existing LCEC infrastructure. In the event that a change to the LCEC electric facilities is deemed necessary, a Customer Contribution In Aid of Construction (CIAC) may be required from the customer. Once LCEC determines the electric infrastructure is adequate, the customer can install the charging station and the electric equipment needed to connect to LCEC metering equipment.

Installation of the Charging Station

Customers are responsible for the installation of the charging station and associated electric facilities on the customer-side. LCEC will install the metering equipment and connect to the electric infrastructure. The service will likely fall under the general LCEC rate structure. The customer is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the charging station.