Protecting and preserving cherished resources, including majestic landscapes, animals and birds, is an endeavor that LCEC understands. LCEC partners with local experts and customers to help balance the need for electricity with the needs of the environment.

LCEC Environmental Funding Award

To apply for an environmental funding award from LCEC, organizations must fill out the application below. Interested organizations must meet certain criteria to be considered for the award including being located within LCEC service territory, funding utilized for projects/programs related to the environment and the utility industry, and having a demonstrated need for funds. Funding is awarded twice a year with deadlines happening on March 15 and September 1. Contact [email protected] with questions and to submit your application. LCEC’s Environmental Funding Award Program is just one of the many ways that LCEC positively impacts and supports wildlife and the environment.

Environmental Funding Award Application

Avian Protection

LCEC is proactively working toward protecting birds of prey and other large birds from potential power line risks, in accordance with both the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) and the Eagle Protection Act (EPA). In support of this objective, LCEC initiated an Avian Protection Plan (APP) in 2002 in an effort to protect birds from potential electrocution hazards and collisions on their existing power grid. In addition, since 1993, LCEC has been partnering with customers to provide alternate habitats for osprey located away from electric system facilities.

A revised process for requesting osprey platform partnerships is under development.

Learn more about osprey.


LCEC follows state and federal guidelines by recycling materials. Each year, LCEC is able to recycle aluminum, copper, steel and other equipment to generate revenue that is reinvested into the system. In addition, materials such as plastic, paper and wood are routinely recycled and employees and contractors are encouraged to participate.

Preservation and Information

LCEC has established long-term partnerships with local government, wildlife agencies and organizations to provide informational publications to local residents and visitors. Protecting and preserving the precious areas and inhabitants of the LCEC service territory begins with information. We are proud to partner with experts who are passionate about Southwest Florida’s unique resources.

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