Rooftop Solar Safety

High winds, extensive rain and other variables of a major storm can damage solar panels before, during and even following a hurricane. Some general tips for protecting your rooftop solar panels include:

  • Proper storage – Refer to manufacturers’ recommendations for information on storing and securing the panels.
  • Power down – Deenergize your solar unit before the storm comes. Take your unit off the grid at the point of interconnection and shut off all breakers.
  • Secure connections – Secure fasteners and clamps while checking, repairing and securing any loose wiring.
  • Ensure components are sealed – Ensure that any small cracks or opening is sealed. Electrical cabinets should be locked to prevent water damage.
  • Remove unsecured objects – Any unsecured objects can fly off during a major storm. Remove and secure as much as possible. If unable to fully secure all components, move objects downwind to lower risk of storm damage.
  • Inspect drainage ditches – Ensure your drainage ditches are debris and vegetation free to prevent water pooling.
Safety Near Solar Panels