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North Fort Myers Median Project a Success

North Fort Myers Median Project a Success

Several local organizations have come together to help make one community service project a reality. Fifty volunteers from Lee County Electric Cooperative, Lee County Department of Transportation and Lee County Roadway Landscaping Advisory Committee and 4-H worked together Saturday morning to plant more than 400 wildflowers on the medians at Bayshore and Slater Road.

After an active community member and longtime Lee County Roadway Landscape Advisory Committee member contacted Lee County DOT with the desire to landscape a North Fort Myers median, the project was put into action despite a lack of funding and source of labor.

Upon hearing about the project, DOT was eager to help and find a way to make it work against the grain. “Although we are very limited in funds, we will do what we can to make the project successful in serving the community,” said Pat Moore, staff engineer and landscape architect for Lee County DOT.

Because of these local businesses’ commitment to the community, the project was a success. With funds provided by Lee County DOT, the Florida Wildflower foundation, La Florida, Land of Flower Community Grant Program and the local Cocoloba Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society, 472 wildflowers were purchased. Organic soil was donated by Mychorrhizal products to ensure longevity of the plants.

Community member Betty Tillis then contacted LCEC for help, a North Fort Myers business located off Bayshore Road. LCEC reached out internally and externally to solicit volunteers for the project. ECHO and 4-H were solicited for the expertise and happily volunteered their time to the project, furthering their commitment to the community and the environment. Lee County DOT was fundamental in implementing the project and provided tools, safety vests and guidance for the project.

Because the project interfered with a Carter/Pritchett Advertising billboard, the advertising company offered to have a landscape architect put a plan together as their contribution, allowing plants to be grown in the view zone without hindering the billboard’s message. In addition, store manager John Judge of Walgreens allowed all volunteers to park their vehicles in the store lot during the time of the project, adding another contributor.

“Although this little project is insignificant in our efforts to landscape 184 miles of roadway in Lee County, the part we are most grateful for is the opportunity to work with LCEC, Betty, and Carter/Pritchett along with the volunteers to enhance the appearance of this corridor in our community,” Moore said.

Because of this collaboration, North Fort Myers residents and employees can enjoy a more beautifully landscaped roadway. The colorful red, yellow and blue wildflowers will enhance the area and demonstrate a local partnership that made a beautiful contribution to improving the community.

“Our hope is that project’s like this one that involves LCEC and others from the community will generate a greater appreciation for landscaping on the corridor and build pride in the volunteers along with the community as a whole,” Moore said.

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