The LCEC management team, backed by a strong workforce, is focused on meeting customer expectations and managing growth. With nearly 250 years of combined leadership experience and a diverse array of skills, the team is committed to guiding employees in balancing long-range business strategies with everyday priorities.

Executive Steering Committee


Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer
Denise Vidal, CMA
Employee since 2003

Director, Business Continuity
Allan Ruth
Employee since 1985

Director, Customer Care Operations
Gary Avin
Employee since 2006

Director, Electric Operations
Clark Hawkins
Employee since 1998

Director, Finance & Supply Chain, and Chief Financial Officer
Sarah Bullock
Employee since 2021

Director, Administrative Services
Amanda Smelker
Employee since 2008

Director, Information Technology, and Chief Information Officer
Ed Nagy
Employee since 1996

Director, Human Resources
Sandy Thompson
Employee since 2019

Director, Public Relations
Karen Ryan, APR, CPRC
Employee since 1996

Senior Leadership Team

Administrative Services

Program Manager, Internal Audit Services
Kerry Richo
Employee since 2024

Manager, Facilities and Security
Ray Boss
Employee since 2015

Manager, Risk
Ellen Nichols
Employee since 2018

Manager, Strategy Execution & Project Management Office
Cindy Littrell
Employee since 2021

Customer Care Operations

Manager, Customer Billing & Field Services
Skye Honas
Employee since 1995

Manager, Member Programs
Bianca Preston
Employee since 1996

Manager, Customer Care Operations
Matt Valentine
Employee since 2021

Electric Operations

Manager, Construction & Maintenance (Contractors)
Rusty Snider
Employee since 2006


Manager, Construction & Maintenance (LCEC)
Frank Sherkus
Employee since 1992

Manager, Design & Engineering
Bill Piland
Employee since 1988

Manager, Operations Business Support
Dennis Davidson
Employee since 2005

Manager, Substation Communication, and Meter Service
Gary Richardson
Employee since 1987

Finance & Accounting

Manager, Financial Accounting
Susan Crisafulli
Employee since 2005

Manager, Procurement & Supply Chain
Myron Martin
Employee since 2021

Information Technology

Manager, IT Infrastructure
Brian Klepper
Employee since 2000

Manager, IT Operations, and Information Security Officer
Paul Ackerman
Employee since 2013

Manager, IT Security
Tom Hornby
Employee since 2003