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LCEC has DECREASED the Power Cost Adjustment for a second time beginning August 1, 2023, based on forecasted fuel costs and cost recovery.

LCEC is a proud member of Touchstone Energy Cooperative.

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Be Tree Wise to Avoid Injury

Be Tree Wise to Avoid Injury

January 23, 2022 – When it comes to pruning vegetation, the difference between being tree wise and being careless could result in serious death or injury. LCEC reminds customers to never attempt to prune vegetation near electrical wires or remove branches that are touching power lines. Touching or contacting a power line with body parts, tools, or trimmings may cause a powerful electric shock. During tree care, all tools, body, and tree parts must remain a minimum of 10 feet away from energized lines. Contact a professional arborist and contact LCEC before performing or contracting tree work near our electric lines. When trees are within 10 feet of primary lines, LCEC can schedule safe clearing in advance of tree care. To complete an online request, LCEC customers can visit

LCEC gearing up for Edison Festival of Light Grand Parade

February 16, 2022 – For more than two decades, LCEC has proudly participated in the Edison Festival of Light Grand Parade. Not only is the LCEC transmission truck decked out in lights galore, but each and every year, LCEC wows the crowd with a giant light bulb balloon. The smiling faces waving from the truck, walking, and handling the balloon are all LCEC employees, friends and family. Just like our entire community, LCEC is gearing up and super excited for an amazing 2022 Edison Festival of Light Grand Parade this Saturday, February 19! If you attend, make sure to wave hi!  

LCEC celebrates employees with more than 500 volunteer hours

February 9, 2022 – Tracking volunteer hours is all part of the LCEC Pay It Forward Program which began in 2016 to encourage volunteerism and support employees’ efforts to give to their favorite qualifying non-profit organization. In essence, employees who volunteer and track volunteer hours can earn Pay It Forward donation dollars to be awarded to a 501 (c)(3) charity of choice. LCEC employees who volunteer between 50-100 hours in the community can designate a not-for-profit organization to receive up to a $100 donation.

Each year since the program’s inception, several remarkable LCEC employees have surpassed the annual 500+ hour mark of community service. Our most recent 500 Club Members will each be entered into a drawing and one of these remarkable five employees will be the lucky winner of an additional $500 for the charity of their choice.

In just one year, these five LCEC employees gave of their time and talents to volunteer more than 3,134 hours in our community! One of these employees alone volunteered more than 950 hours!

LCEC is so incredibly proud of Nancy, Nicky, Aaron, Dana, and Aaron for their incredible efforts which resulted in more than 500 volunteer hours each over the past year! LCEC also thanks and applauds all of our incredible employees whose passion for philanthropy results in thousands of volunteer hours each and every year!

Steer clear of power lines while boating

February 2, 2022 – Now is the perfect time to enjoy the gorgeous Southwest Florida waterways in your boat. As you remember your sunscreen, towels and snacks, don’t forget the most important part of boating – safety! LCEC reminds all boaters to avoid coming into contact with power lines! Not only does contact pose a risk of power interruptions, it could mean serious injuries and even death.

–Always be aware of power lines when boating or fishing. Be sure to keep at least 10 feet distance between your boat and power lines.
–If your boat comes in contact with a power line, do not jump into the water! The water could be energized and dangerous. Remain calm and stay in the boat, but do not touch anything metal until help arrives and the boat is no longer in contact with the line.
–If your boat’s wiring is not in compliance with American Yacht Club Standards, hire a professional to get to get your boat’s electrical system in compliance.
–Check that your dockside outlets have GFCIs, and that any cords plugged into the outlets are in good condition without any exposed wires or broken casing.

LCEC thanks all boaters for respecting the importance of boating safely around power lines. For more safety tips, visit

LCEC Rates Remain Low – February Power Cost Adjustment

February 1, 2022 – At the January Board of Trustee meeting, a Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) increase was approved. The approved PCA will be implemented beginning February 1. The increase of 6.8 percent is the result of rising purchased power costs passed on from the LCEC power supplier, Florida Power and Light (FPL).

PCA charges are determined after consideration of projected costs for purchased power. There are no margins (profit) earned on this portion of the LCEC customer bill which makes up more than 70 percent of the bill.

Even with the power cost adjustment, LCEC rates remain among the lowest in the region. LCEC customers have not seen a base rate increase in 13 years. The base rate is the portion of the bill that LCEC is able to manage through efficiencies, technology, and a close watch on the bottom line.

Comparative electric rates for residential customers with average usage of 1,000 kWh, beginning February 1 are:

  • LCEC: $109.50.
  • Florida Power and Light: $113.85
  • Tampa Electric Company: $120.86.
  • Duke Energy Florida, Inc.: $132.24.

In addition, LCEC returns equity to customers regularly based on strong financial management and performance. Over the past 18 years, LCEC has returned more than $303 million in equity to its customers, which results in a net lower monthly cost.

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