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Enjoy this chilly Christmas without using electricity

Enjoy this chilly Christmas without using electricity

December 22, 2020 – For the first time in years, the forecast is calling for a chilly Christmas! Even though we won’t have a white Christmas, the weather may tempt some SWFL folks to crank on the heat. In addition to using items such as electric blankets and space heaters (while paying close attention to the safety precautions), there are simple ways to stay toasty without using any electricity! Here are a few simple ways to celebrate this special week while keeping warm:

Layer your clothing:
Dress in layers during the day and at bedtime. This will help you maintain a comfy body temperature without having to use any electricity. And remember to wear sock to keep your tootsies warm!

Shut your curtains:
Be sure to shut your curtains when the sun goes down to keep the warmth inside your home. Curtains provide a great barrier between you and the chilly nights to come.

Drink warm drinks and cuddle under the blankets:
Make some hot chocolate and grab the blankets for comfy, cuddly nights.

These are just a few of the many simple ways to enjoy the beautiful weather of this week without feeling Grinchy! Happy Holidays from LCEC!

Light up your holiday while lowering your energy costs with LED lights

December 15, 2020 – Besides being brighter than the Clark Griswold’s house in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, there are many reasons to consider investing in LED lights this holiday season:

• LED lights are more energy efficient than incandescent lights. Did you know that 90 percent of the energy produced by incandescent bulbs is released in the form of heat? LEDs use nearly 75 percent less energy than incandescent and last up to 25 times longer!
• LED lights are cool to the touch which makes them a safer option around Christmas trees, wreaths, pets, kids and more!
• LED bulbs don’t burn out. Rather than burning out, LEDs get dimmer over time. In addition to their long lives, these bulbs are plastic and durable which means you don’t have to spend time carefully wrapping them away for next year.
• LED lights come in a every style imaginable!

Although the cost of LED lights is still more pricey than traditional bulbs, the benefits far outweigh a few extra bucks! And those extra bucks are truly an investment in bright, beautiful, energy-efficient lights for many years to come. For more energy saving tips, visit

Be safe around electricity as you deck the halls

December 8, 2020 – After the rollercoaster of a year we have had, more people than ever want to get in the holiday spirit by doing such things as decorating in and outside of their homes. And decorating is an absolutely great way to celebrate and embrace the season! As you trim your tree and light your yard, keep electrical safety in mind by following the reminders below:

Inspect all decorations before use.
Damaged sockets, exposed wires and bad connections could cause electrical shock or even a fire! After inspection, use caution when plugging in your holiday decorations. Be careful not to overload outlets. If using incandescent lights, do not connect more than three strands as this could potentially blow a fuse, or worse yet, cause a fire.

Keep your tree watered.
A dry tree is a fire hazard. Water your tree daily, and be sure to remove it from your home when it has died or immediately after the holiday is over.

Choose votives over real candles.
Invest in battery-operated candles which are much safer than normal candles. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), unattended or forgotten candles are the cause of one in five home candle fires.

Use caution with cords.
Be sure to never pinch cords, hide them under furniture, place them near a heat source or secure them with nails or staples. Any of these could cause electric shock or a fire. Unplug all cords when not in use to stay safe while saving electricity!

For more tips on staying safe around electricity, visit Happy holidays from LCEC!

Staying warm when temperatures dip in SWFL

December 1, 2020 – This week will bring chilly temperatures to SWFL, but LCEC reminds customers to consider alternatives to avoid cranking on the heat. Why not turn on the heat? Heating costs anywhere from two to three times more than cooling! An alternative to warm your Florida blood is to use space heaters. They are a cost-effective way to stay warm, but can be dangerous (even deadly) if used improperly. Keep the following tips in mind if you use a space heater this winter:

• Read manufacturer’s instructions and warning labels before using a space heater.
• Only use space heaters with labels showing that they have been approved by a recognized testing laboratory.
• Keep space heaters at least three feet from anything that can burn (such as paper). Keep space heaters as far away as possible from kids, pets, and high-traffic areas.
• Only use space heaters for their intended purpose. Never use a space hater for things such as warming bedding or drying clothes.
• Always turn off, unplug and store space heaters when not in use.
• Plug space heaters directly into wall receptacles. Avoid using extension cords.
• Do not use a space heater if the cords are frayed, worn or damaged in any way. Inspect cords before each and every use.

Space heaters not your thing? Consider an electric blanket. Just like space heaters, electric blankets must be used with caution and in accordance with all the instructions listed in the manufacturer’s instructions. For more energy saving tips, visit

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