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Energy + Safety = Win-Win

Energy + Safety = Win-Win

February 25, 2020 – Electricity cools our homes, heats our food, powers our electronics, and lights up our lives in more ways than one. But with the convenience of electricity comes the need to be extremely cautious. To keep yourself, your loved ones, and your home safe from energy hazards, it is essential to remember the following five tips:

1. Discard damaged power cords. If you notice that the protective coating on power cords has been stripped away or is damaged in any way, it is essential to replace it ASAP. If you must keep the cord until a new one can be purchased, be sure to cover it with electrical tape immediately.
2. Never overload outlets. Outlets are designed to deliver a specific amount of electricity. Plugging too many things into an outlet can cause a number of things including a fire! Consider using a power strip if you need to plug in multiple devices.
3. Avoid extension cords. Extension cords are not intended for permanent use and can result in trips or even Fido getting hurt from nibbling the cord if they are not properly secured. If your home doesn’t have enough outlets for your needs, hire a certified electrician to install additional outlets.
4. Water and electronics don’t mix. Water conducts electricity. Avoid getting water near outlets or electronics.
5. Protect kiddos from electrical hazards. With so many safety products on the market, it is easy and affordable to baby-proof your home. A jumbo package of safety caps for electrical outlets is just a few bucks and is one easy way to keep your child safe around electricity.

These five tips are just some of the many ways you can create a win-win situation when it comes to energy and safety. Visit for more ways to be safe around electricity.

2020 LCEC Trustee Election

February 18, 2020 – Since 1940, LCEC employees, guided by the board of trustees, have made a supreme effort to balance fiscal responsibility with the goal of improving the lives of those whom they serve. LCEC board members, elected by customers, demonstrate veracity and principles in their professional and personal lives and contribute to the organization’s diversity in terms of background and business experience. The 10-member board takes great responsibility in setting policy and procedures and maintaining financial strength while supporting employees who run the day to day operations of the utility. These board members are elected by LCEC customers, and represent the geographical area in which they reside. Three-year terms are staggered in order to provide continuity on the board.

Ballots for the 2020 LCEC Trustee Election will be mailed to customers in March. Instructions for voluntary voting are printed on the ballot, and include voting online or by phone. Election results will be presented at LCEC’s Annual Meeting on April 16.

Visit the Board of Trustees page on for more information on LCEC’s current board, the nomination process and more.

LCEC lives United

February 11, 2020 – Giving back to the community we live in and love is something that LCEC takes very seriously. Just one of the many ways LCEC gives back is by supporting the United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee Counties. LCEC is extremely proud to be one of the top fundraisers for our local United Way for decades. “Part of the LCEC vision for 80 years has been to energize the communities we serve. We do this by delivering power and also through supporting the agencies in our community that offer a hand up to those in need,” said LCEC campaign chair Karen Ryan. In 2019 alone, LCEC raised nearly $215,000 through fundraisers, employee contributions, and a corporate contribution. In the past 10 years, LCEC is extremely proud to have raised upwards of $2,000,000 for the United Way! Raising this much money takes a great deal of time, elbow grease, and genuine care for the people LCEC serves. Within the 375 LCEC employees, 10 employees are Keel Club donors (contributing $1,000 or more) and nearly $34,000 has already been donated to the 2020 campaign through employee payroll deductions. In addition to giving out of the wallet, LCEC is proud to have 27 employees who participate on local Allocation teams, and others who volunteer consistently at United Way programs and agencies like the Reading Pals program, Valerie’s House, the Alliance for the Arts, and Meals of Hope. “These are our communities. We live here, work here, and raise our families here. We understand it is important for us to give back and help people who may be going through hard times,” Ryan said.

Next up on LCEC’s fundraising calendar for 2020 is our 24th Annual LCEC United Way Fishing Tournament happening on April 11 on Matlacha. Visit for information on registration, sponsorships, tournament rules and more. The tournament is one of the main events for the LCEC campaign and has been successful at keeping expenses low so all of the funds go directly to local agencies to help local residents.

A focus on raising funds for the United Way and the MANY agencies they serve is just one of the ways in which LCEC energizes this community. Helping the United Way care for so many people in the community part of the corporate culture and employees feel truly honored to be able to make a difference.

Ways to pay your electric bill with LCEC’s SmartHub

February 4, 2020 – LCEC’s SmartHub, our online bill pay and customer service portal, offers easy, convenient and FREE ways to pay your electric bill.

Pay online when you log in to SmartHub:
• Checking/savings account payments are FREE and can post immediately to your LCEC account or be scheduled for a later date.
• Credit/debit card payments made before 4 p.m. post to your LCEC account within six hours. Payments made after 4 p.m. post the next day. Or you may schedule payment for a later date. Third-party service fee of $4 applies. Your payment and fee will appear as one combined amount on your credit/debit card statement.

Sign up for Auto Pay through SmartHub:
• Automatically deducts your electric payment from your bank account on the due date.
• Residential and commercial customers are eligible.
• Funds must be drawn from US banks only.

Visit for more ways to pay and to learn about all the ways that SmartHub can help you save time and money!

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