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LCEC prepares for hurricane season

LCEC prepares for hurricane season

May 28, 2019 – LCEC is ready to fight back if a hurricane heads to Southwest Florida. To ensure that we are ready for restoration, LCEC cultivates relationships with power line and tree-trimming contractors, fuel companies, material vendors, food service vendors, other cooperatives and local agencies for back-up resources. You name the resource…LCEC has a relationship in place should the situation call for it.

In addition, LCEC’s 375+ employees play a critical role in the restoration plan. Employees put their typical job responsibilities on hold to pitch in during restoration. From assessing damage to doing laundry for linemen, each and every employee has an important role

Restoration Priorities
LCEC has a thorough restoration plan that outlines priorities of electric restoration during large power outages. LCEC’s plan first calls for restoration of critical circuits such as hospitals, traffic signals, shelters, law enforcement. Next, power is restored to the largest number of customers. The last to be restored are individual services in small pockets or services that need to be reconnected after repair to their home electrical system.

Please note that LCEC does not disconnect power before a storm. We let Mother Nature run her course, and begin to restore power to impacted areas once winds are at a safe level.

How customers should prepare for outages
• Ensure that you have a back-up telephone if you use a cordless or other telephone that is dependent on electricity.
• Have a battery-powered radio on hand and a supply of fresh batteries to stay aware of news and other information.
• Keep a flashlight and extra batteries handy.

What to do when the lights go out
• Help keep LCEC’s telephone lines clear for emergency calls. Only call LCEC at 656-2300 to report downed power lines.
• Visually check your weather-head (on the roof where your service drop connects to the pole) and your meter box to make sure it is not damaged.
• Any damage to your home’s electric system must be repaired by a licensed electrician and inspected by a designated agency before power to your home can be restored.
• Turn off your appliances. This will protect them when service is restored, prevent electrical fires and lessen the chances of circuit overload when service is restored. You may leave one light on to serve as a visual signal that power has been restored.

Storm Safety Tips
• Stay clear of downed power lines. They may still be energized and dangerous. Puddles of water contacting downed lines are just as dangerous.
• Don’t trim trees or remove debris located near downed power lines. If you must remove debris from your home, don’t pile it under or near electrical lines or equipment.
• Residents on life support need to have an alternate plan in place to ensure the continuity of any life-support needs. This may include making special arrangements to spend time with a friend or relative during an outage or using a back-up generator.
• If operating a portable generator, keep it outside and in an open area. Carbon monoxide emissions can be harmful. Follow all instructions regarding safe
operation. Do not connect the generator directly to your main electrical panel. If installed incorrectly, power could flow into outside lines and injure you, your neighbors or utility crews working in the area.
• Please do not detain LCEC employees or contractors while they are working to restore power. This can be distracting, can cause an accident and impedes the process.

LCEC asks that customers be patient. We are experts at storm restoration. We know how frustrating it is to be without power. Customers can rest assured knowing that LCEC works around the clock during restoration situations to ensure that customers get their lights back on as quickly as possible.

LCEC Hurricane Guide Available for Download

May 21, 2019 – The LCEC Hurricane Guide is a comprehensive how-to for preparing to weather any storm or disaster situation. Some of the topics addressed in the Hurricane Guide include:

• Storm restoration process
• Preparing your home and business
• Life support
• Evacuation protocol
• Disaster supply kit
• Portable generator safety
• Debris and vegetation
• Important phone number and links

Visit to download a copy of the LCEC Hurricane Guide and start preparing today!!

Are you ready for storm season?

May 14, 2019 – LCEC is ready for storm season. Between maintaining our electric system and improving upon our restoration planning year-round, all LCEC employees are ready to jump into action if and when the time comes. Are you and your family ready if a storm rears its dangerous head? There has never been a better time than NOW to prepare. Keep the following in mind when making your plans:

• Make an emergency plan and share with family.
• Know your risk for wind, rain, and floor.
• Know your evacuation zone.
• Put together a disaster supply kit. Visit for planning tips.
• Have a backup source of power ready for anyone requiring life-support equipment.
• Get your finances in order.
• Strengthen your home, and trim vegetation. If you cannot safely trim vegetation on your own, contact a licensed professional.
• Help family, neighbors, and coworkers plan.
• Remind everyone you know to stay away from downed power lines!!

For more information on preparing for storm season, download a copy of our Hurricane Guide on

LCEC Employees “Pay It Forward”

North Fort Myers, FL, May 7, 2019 – When they aren’t hard at work keeping your lights on, LCEC employees volunteer countless of hours throughout our community. Nights, weekends, you name it…LCEC employees are there. From judging Odyssey of the Mind to coaching little league to packaging food for the hungry, employees give of their time and their heart to help others. In an effort to support their passion for philanthropy, LCEC designed the Pay It Forward Program to encourage volunteerism and support employees efforts to actively give back to their favorite qualifying non-profit organization. Through this program, employees who volunteer and track volunteer hours can earn Pay It Forward donation dollars which are, in turn, awarded to a 501(c)(3) charity of choice. To receive Pay It Forward donation dollars, employees must volunteer at least 50 hours. Once an employee hits 50 hours, they can designate a benefiting organization to receive a $50 donation on behalf of the employee. While there are several employees who volunteer more than 500 hours each year, two LCEC employees logged over 1,000 in 2018! Those who reach the “500 Club” or “1,000 Club” are entered into a drawing for $500 or $100 respectively for their charity of choice. As if their good deeds aren’t enough, winners of these drawings have opted to split the funds amongst other “Club” members so that more charities can benefit! Since the launch of Pay It Forward in March 2016, employees have logged nearly 21,000 volunteer hours and raised more than $9,000 for their favorite charities. These figures will only continue to grow as volunteerism grows within the LCEC organization!

The Pay It Forward Program is just one way that LCEC gives back to the community. Another example of LCEC’s commitment to this community is our continual fundraising efforts which bring in over $200,000 annually for the United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee Counties and thousands of dollars and hours for other worthy causes. LCEC is proud, honored and dedicated to taking an active role in making our communities and the environment a better place to work and live.

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