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The dish on dish washing

The dish on dish washing

March 26, 2019 – There are a multitude of reasons to use your dishwasher instead of hand washing dishes. First and foremost, dishwashers cut down on your electric usage. According to ENERGY STAR, using a dishwasher can save you more than $40 a year verses washing dishes by hand. Other reasons to use a dishwasher include:

Time savings:
If you’ve ever washed and dried a load of dishes you know it takes a good amount of time. In fact, ENERGY STAR estimates that you could be spending nearly 230 hours (almost 10 days) of personal time handwashing dishes in just one year!

Clean as a whistle:
Dishwashers these days have all sorts of bells and whistles to sanitize and beyond making your dishes clean as a whistle!

Water savings:
Using a dishwasher can save nearly 5,000 gallons a water per year verses hand washing!

Below are some tips from LCEC’s energy experts on how to use your dishwasher in the most efficient way possible:

• Use the energy-saving cycles whenever possible.
• If your dishwasher has a booster heater, turn your water heater thermostat down to 120 degrees. Most dishwashers have built-in heaters to boost the water temp up to 140-145 degrees.
• Resist the temptation to pre-rinse dishes. Dishwashers today do a thorough job of cleaning. Just scrape off the excess food and let the dishwasher do the rest. Dishwashers use between 8 to 14 gallons of water per load so save water and electricity by not pre-rinsing.
• Wash only full loads and refrain from hand washing dishes throughout the day. It’s cheaper to put the dishes in the dishwasher and wash them all at once.
• Load the dishwasher according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember to fill the racks to maximize energy and water use, but make sure you leave enough room for the water to circulate.

For more ways to save on your electric usage, visit!

LCEC welcomes Director of Business Alignment and Performance

March 19, 2019 – LCEC welcomed Inge Kocher as its new Director of Business Alignment and Performance. In this role, Kocher will be responsible for leading teams in areas of enterprise business strategy and planning, governance, prioritization, performance management, process development and redesign, and project management. Before joining the LCEC team, Kocher served as the Director/Regional Head of Business Services Americas for Commerzbank AG in New York.

A safe generator connection from LCEC

March 12, 2019 – Storm season will be here before you know it. Now is the time to start reviewing your family’s emergency plan and making preparations. If you plan on buying a generator, it is essential that all precautions are followed when setting up and using this device. If used improperly, generators can cause hazardous conditions for you, your loved ones and for electric crews working in the area.

GenerLink™ offered by LCEC eliminates the use of extension cords and other hazardous connections by providing a safe connection from the electric meter directly to the generator. It also detects when a generator is operating and automatically disconnects from the utility grid, eliminating dangerous backfeed.

Additional benefits of GenerLink™ include:
• Easiest and safest generator connection.
• Allows customers to run virtually any appliances up to the capacity of their generator.
• Easily installed behind the electric meter by a certified LCEC technician.
• Connection at the meter keeps your portable generator outside where it is safe.
• Seven year manufacturer’s warranty.

Along with having a safe connection for your generator, it is vital to read and follow all safety instructions included with your generator. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 880 generator-related fatalities from 2005 through 2017. Visit for tips on generator safety and for more information on GenerLink™.

Simple ways to save

March 5, 2019 – There are ways to save on just about anything these days. Electricity is no different! With a few simple steps, you can be on your way to saving electricity and dollars on your next electric bill:

• Plant smart! Not only is planting a tree good for the environment, it can help shade your home and keep it cool! Visit for information on planting the right tree in the right place.
• Keep it shut! Be smart when getting things in and out of the refrigerator since you lose one-third of cold air each time that door opens. If you don’t have an energy efficient fridge yet, get out there and buy one! There are many affordable options that will help you save moola on your electric bill!
• Use cold water! Washing your clothes in hot water can be pricey depending on how many loads you do in a week and what time of day you do them. Consider washing your duds in cold water to cut down on energy usage.
• Turn it off! Always turn off lights, ceiling fans, televisions or anything else that is plugged into the wall when not in use. The more you unplug, the more you will save!
• Change out incandescent for compact fluorescent. When your old light bulbs burn out, take the opportunity to use a compact fluorescent bulb (CFL). These light bulbs use 75 percent less energy and can last up to 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb!

There are many more ways to save on electricity! Visit the Energy Efficiency tab on for tips and tools to help you save!

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