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LCEC has DECREASED the Power Cost Adjustment for a second time beginning August 1, 2023, based on forecasted fuel costs and cost recovery.

LCEC is a proud member of Touchstone Energy Cooperative.

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Tips for a Spooktacularly Safe Halloween

Tips for a Spooktacularly Safe Halloween

Halloween is filled with fun from candy to costumes to pumpkin patches. But there are more dangers on Halloween night than spooky shadows or witches flying in the night. Consider the following safety tips to have a spooktacular Halloween night:

Outside decorations:
When planning your outdoor decorations, take time to carefully inspect all electrical items. Discard any décor where the wiring appears damaged. Also ensure that all of your decorations are clearly marked for outdoor use, and that all electric cords are out of high-traffic areas where they could pose a tripping hazards. Avoid the risk of electric shock by plugging outdoor décor into circuits that are protected by Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs).

Choosing a costume:
Your children can be exactly what they want to be on Halloween, but it is essential to ensure that costumes are flame-resistant, flame-retardant and/or non-combustible.

Driving on Halloween:
Drive slowly, watching for children in roadways, medians and near curbs. If at all possible, do not drive on Halloween night, and especially do not allow new or inexperienced drivers to frolic around town when there will be so many children out in dark clothes and costumes.

Halloween only comes once a year. Make the night safe and spooktacular for everyone! Happy Halloween from LCEC!

Are there energy vampires in your home?

Tis the season for all things scary but nothing is as spooky as the energy vampires lurking in your home! That’s right! Energy vampires or phantom loads are terms that describe appliances and electronics that are left plugged-in even when they are not in use. These items literally drain electricity all-day, every-day. In fact, most Americans have at least 20 energy vampires sucking up electricity in their home right now! On average, energy vampires cost U.S. households upwards of $100 extra on their electric bills in a year. Awareness and conservation are key to making an impact on both your electric bill and your carbon footprint! Tackling these little monsters is as simple as unplugging things such as phone chargers, coffeemakers, and toasters when they are not being used. While it is important to unplug unused appliances and electronics while you are away for extended periods of time like vacation, it is equally important to do it on a daily basis before you leave for work or school. For more tips on conserving electricity, visit

LCEC welcomes new risk manager

October 10, 2018 – LCEC announced that it welcomed Susan Matt as its risk manager. As LCEC’s risk manager, Matt will analyze various integrated resource plans and business strategies to identify risks to the organization and be involved in enhancing our current safety program. Matt comes to LCEC from the headquarters of Best Buy where she worked as a senior compliance manager. Matt also worked as a compliance manager for Target in addition to working as a federal agent with the United States Postal Inspection Service.

Protecting your furry family members from electrical hazards

Chewing on a shoe is one thing, but gnawing on an electrical cord is a whole other scary and dangerous thing! Pet-proofing your home is essential to protecting your furry family members. Below are some simple ways to protect your four-legged loved ones:

• Be sure that all plugs are completely in their wall sockets. You do not want a wet nose, paw and tongue coming into contact with exposed prongs.
• Watch your cords for fraying or damage from nibbling. If unplugging cords is not an option and your furry friend is seeking out electrical cords, consider coating them in pet deterrent which is available at pet stores or wrap the cords in a cable or PVC.
• Never leave any electrical items plugged in near water!
• Do not allow your pet near lamps. If your pet loves lamps too much to keep them away, consider a low-heat lamp so there is less chance of fire if it is knocked over.
• Keep your furry friends away from cords behind your computer or television. It may be warm and cozy for them, but the risk is too great with all of those cords and electrical connections.

Pet-proofing a home is just as important to baby-proofing since our “kids” rely on us to keep them safe! For more tips on electrical safety and more, visit

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