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Fireworks and power lines don’t mix

Fireworks and power lines don’t mix

Independence Day is almost here, and SWFL has many ways to celebrate the occasion. Check online for details on all the firework displays around town. If the big fireworks displays aren’t your thing and you absolutely insist on doing fireworks yourself, there are many safety factors to consider:

Fireworks and power lines do not mix!
Fireworks should only be lit in open areas where there are absolutely no power lines in sight. Should a firework accidentally come in contact with an overhead power line, call your utility and 911 immediately. If you are an LCEC customer, you should call 239-656-2300.

All fireworks are dangerous!
The U.S. Fire Administration estimates an average of 9,300 fireworks-related injuries per year. These injuries don’t just include large-scale fireworks, but also firecrackers, rockets and sparklers which burn at around 2,000 degrees!

Additional safety tips from the U.S. Product Safety Commission include:
• Children should never, ever help adults with fireworks. Do not give children fireworks or sparklers.
• Firework spectators should be at least 20 feet away and not downwind of fireworks.
• Only light fireworks on a smooth, flat surface away from anything flammable.
• Read all instructions on fireworks!
• Keep water close by in care of fire.
• If your fireworks don’t light or malfunction, never try to relight!

Remember, the big firework shows in town are put on by professionals and supervised by firefighters. These are safe and fun ways to celebrate the Fourth of July while keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

However you choose to celebrate, be safe and ENJOY! Happy Independence Day from LCEC!

LCEC electric rates are fourth lowest in Florida!

LCEC is pleased to announce that our electric rates are the fourth lowest amongst electric providers in the state of Florida as of the latest comparison released (April 2018). These recent industry benchmarks reflect LCEC’s operating expenses per 1,000 kWh sold as being in the lowest quartile nationwide, and one of the lowest amongst comparable cooperatives in the state.

Rate levels are determined through forecasting sales levels (expected revenue) compared to budgeted spending needs for operations, power supply, and capital investment in the electric infrastructure. When revenue is expected to be more favorable compared to spending, we pass those savings through to customers in the form of stable rates and sometimes a reduction. LCEC has decreased rates five times since 2014 and has not had a rate increase for 10 years in a row. This means that LCEC customers are paying less for electricity today than they were a decade ago!

“We are very pleased to be able to pass through operating and power cost savings to our customers,” LCEC CFO Denise Vidal said. “LCEC continually strives to contain costs in order to keep rates competitive, while providing excellent reliability and customer service.”

Extension Cord Do’s and Don’ts

Who doesn’t love extension cords? They offer so much in terms of convenience both indoors and outdoors. But with great convenience comes great responsibility because extension cords can be dangerous. Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of safely using extension cords:

• Unplug cords when they are not in use.
• Keep cords away from water, and safely out of sight of children and pets.
• Check cords thoroughly before use. If damaged, do not use.
• Check cords for mark of an independent testing laboratory.
• Use extension cords on short-term basis only.

• Plug extension cords together.
• Overload cords.
• Use an extension cord that is wet.
• Hide cords under rugs or carpet.

This is just a short list of the many ways be cautious while using extension cords. For more electrical safety tips, visit

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