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LCEC has DECREASED the Power Cost Adjustment for a second time beginning August 1, 2023, based on forecasted fuel costs and cost recovery.

LCEC is a proud member of Touchstone Energy Cooperative.

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Energize your New Year with Electric Savings

Energize your New Year with Electric Savings

Exercising more, eating less…sound familiar?! Not all New Years resolutions have to be hard. In fact, they can be easy! Consider making these part of your 2018 resolutions:

Resolve to fill ‘er up!
Only run dishwashers and washing machines when they are full. This will conserve electricity and water. It is estimated that each person uses between 80-100 gallons of water per day for things like taking showers, brushing teeth, etc.! That is a lot of wasted water…and dollars.

Resolve to light up your life…efficiently!
Say no to buying heat-producing, energy-wasting traditional incandescent lightbulbs. Invest in energy-efficient, save-money-in-the-long-run CFL or LED lightbulbs. We also have many sunny days here in SWFL where you can simply open your shades and let the light fill your home!

Resolve to unplug!
You may not realize it, but you have energy vampires in your home! In fact, most Americans have at least 20 of these vampires lurking. They include things like phone charges, coffee makers and toasters. Although you won’t save a ton of moola by unplugging these things, every bit does count for both your wallet and your carbon footprint.

LCEC wishes you and yours a very happy 2018 filled with peace, joy and energy savings!

LCEC Offers Many Ways to Pay

Tis’ the season of spending and, a lot of times, a bit of holiday stress. LCEC wants to take the stress out of not just the holiday season, but year round by offering many convenient and simple ways to pay your electric bill.

Auto Pay:
• A convenient, time-saving option that will automatically deduct your payment from your bank account the business day before the due date of the bill.
• Complete the LCEC Auto Pay Authorization Form on and send it to LCEC, or registered users can sign up through Account Access.

Pay by Phone:
• Pay your bill over the phone by calling 239-656-2300 or 800-599-2356.
• Checking/savings account payments are FREE and are posted immediately to your LCEC account.
• Credit/debit card payments made before 4 p.m. post to your LCEC account within six hours. Third-party service fee of $4.00 applies.

• Checking/savings account payments are FREE and can post immediately to your LCEC account or be scheduled for a later date.
• Credit/debit card payments made before 4 p.m. post to your LCEC account within six hours. Third-party service fee of $4.00 applies.

Walk-in Stations:
• Authorized Walk-in Payment Stations are located throughout our service territory, and a list of these stations is available on
• Accepted forms of payment include cash, check, money order, cashier’s check, and traveler’s check. Third-party service fee of $1.50 applies.
• Payments made before 8 p.m. post to your LCEC account within approximately 30 minutes.
• Must have LCEC bill or account number with you.

U.S. Mail:
• Send your payment in the envelope enclosed with your bill.

LCEC wishes you and yours a stress-free, happy holiday!

LCEC Proud to Support Goodwill’s 11th Annual Festival of Trees

LCEC was proud to join 19 other companies to decorate artificial trees for Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida’s 11th Annual Festival of Trees fundraiser. LCEC has been a proud participant in Festival of Trees since its inception. Over the years, LCEC has earned the reputation of being the quickest to get their tree decorated, sometimes getting the entire tree done in less than 15 minutes! This lightning speed is made possible through lots of prep work by employees who do everything from making ball bundles to creating hand-crafted treasures to be included with the tree, like the handmade bench that came with this year’s “Let Heaven and Nature Sing” tree. This year’s Festival of Trees event raised nearly $74,000, an impressive 12 percent more than last year. Big congratulations go to the lucky winners of the carefully crafted holiday trees, and to the amazing efforts by the Goodwill staff whose hard work and dedication produced incredible results. LCEC is looking forward to and already preparing to participate Goodwill’s 12th Annual Festival of Trees in 2018.

The “in” on insulation

Whether you live in a cold climate like the North Pole or a warm climate like sunny Southwest Florida, proper insulation makes all the difference in maintaining the temperature in your home while keeping your energy costs manageable.

No insulation, regardless of its resist heat flow (R-value), can totally stop conducted heat flow. Properly installed insulation slows conducted heat flow to allow heating and air conditioning systems to maintain comfortable indoor conditions at reasonable costs. Since different areas of your home are exposed to different circumstances, it is important to have the right insulation in place.
Generally speaking, insulation is of five basic types: rigid board, blankets and batts, loose fill, sprayed foam, and radiant barrier. Below is some basic information on these types of insulation.

Rigid Board Insulation:
• Usually foam boards made from Polystyrene or urethane.
• Offers highest R-value per thickness, but typically more expensive than other types of insulation.

Blankets or Batts:
• Made from glass fiber or rock wool.
• Available in various R-values (thicknesses) and easily installed during construction, but hard to retrofit to finished homes.

Loose-Fill Insulation:
• Made from glass fibers, rock wool or cellulose fiber.
• Usually least expensive insulation.
• Best for attic floors but can be placed in other locations in your home.

Sprayed-Foam Attic Insulation:
• Sprayed on the inside part of the attic.
• Reliably seals home from leaks when applied properly.

Radiant Barrier:
• Layer of aluminum foil placed in air space between heat-radiating and heat-absorbing surfaces.
• Blocks 95 percent of heat radiated down.

Visit the Energy Efficiency tab on for more detailed information on insulation.

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